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Multi Network Lift SIM Lift 5 Plan - £5.99 /month

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Multi Network Lift  SIM Lift 5 Plan - £5.99 /month

Emergency Multi Network Lift SIM
£5.99 /month - 

 Lift 5 Plan - 30-day Rolling Contract

Once off SIM connection and DHL PP cost  £19.99 plus VAT (23.99 Inc VAT)

Need a cost-effective Emergency multi-network Lift SIM card for lifts with a GSM auto dialler & communicator. 

Lift Multi-Network GSM SIM for elevators and lift phone emergency systems. The Multi Mobile Network SIM is suitable and built for all lifts with GSM diallers and GSM VoIP gateways. These lift SIMs stay active even with minimal or next to no usage. Other provider SIMs can be switched off without warning by the providing network due to no usage or reaching the SIM included calls limit. *SIM network Roaming will be dependent on if the/your lift GSM Gateway unit has the ability to roam across mobile networks

**SIM network Roaming can/is dependent on if the/your lift GSM Gateway unit has the ability to roam networks. All standard UK calls – both MO and MT – count towards the included total minutes. So both inbound and outbound calls will come off the monthly included minutes.
  • 10 minutes per month of calls
  • Mins after 10 min: £0.10 per min.**
  • No expiry SIM, even if unused
  • Multi-network in one SIM
  • Vodafone, O2 and Three
  • Robust, durable, reliable SIM
  • Multi-SIMs to fit any device
  • DTMF-2833, 2976, 2833 compliant
  • 30-Day Rolling contract
  • No included data
Once off SIM connection and DHL PP cost  £19.99 plus VAT 

Estimated delivery date:  3-5 working days.
A direct debit link for the monthly line rental will be sent to you once your order has been received. SIM cards are sent blank, so once you have received your SIM please call us on 0330 122 0000 and we will activate* the SIM for you, this normally takes 2 working hours.

*Please note - Due to a significant increase in the amount of fraudulent activity across our base a full vetting process will need to be completed before onboarding any new customers. We will no longer post SIM's to home addresses.

All SIM's cards will only be delivered to the registered office location or to the lift provider's registered address (further checks will be made first). A full credit check is also performed before activation. Due to the volume of invoices we send each month we are unable to submit invoices to any type of invoicing platform that requires a login to do so.

Please note - All Lift SIM cards are barred for the following services. We place call barring on calling international, Adult & Premium Calls, Chat & Premium Calls, Mpay, as all MMS messages, All Incoming/Outgoing Roaming, Adult Premium, GPRS, All outbound SMS/Text 4/3G Services are also barred.

CPI (Consumer Price Index) price increases
If you sign up to a new contract or renew your contract for a Mobile SIM service (including call charges, features, add-ons and Mobile broadband plans) the monthly price will increase each year from April 1st each year. That increase is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rate of inflation which is published in January each year plus 3.9%. If CPI is negative, we’ll only apply the 3.9%
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