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MAG IPTV Set-Top Boxes

MAG254 IPTV Set Top Boxes100% genuine MAG Set-Top boxes - Worldwide shipping - next day UK shipping

We ONLY buy directly from  Infomir as this is the only way of guaranteeing the boxes are 100% genuine IPTV MAG boxes from Infomir, as the market is completely flooded with clone units from China!

If you do not have the IPTV MAG254 or the new IPTV MAG256 set-top box, you can get it directly from us as we ship worldwide.

Once you order has been posted we will send you confirmation and a tracking number so you can keep a close eye on were your order is at all times. Please remember you will need to select a MAG box with a UK or EU power supply, depending on where you will be using the unit.

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Please note - We do not provide IPTV content or channels.