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Simple Telecommunications Ltd - Lift Emergency Telephone Lines
GSM Lift Gateway - £15.50 PM - 12 Month Contract

GSM Lift Gateway - 15.50 PM - 12 Month Contract

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Monthly rental £15.50
12 month contract
Multi Network SIM
Battery backup included
Compatible with existing diallers
DTMF-2833, 2976, 2833 compliant
£ 448.80(£ 448.80)
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GSM Lift Emergency Voice Gateway
 £15.50 per month - 12 month contract

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GSM Robustel Emergency Lift Voice Gateway - Existing lift autodial unit can be retained 
- The device functions solely as a Voice Gateway and is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Lift Automatic Diallers.

Low cost GSM Lift voice gateway - Our Robustel EV8100 GSM lift Voice gateway is an advanced GSM emergency lift VoIP voice gateway that facilitates voice transmission over VoIP enabling seamless communication between a cellular GSM network and the lift's intercom system. This next-generation device features multiple interfaces and supports remote monitoring and management of the lift's communication system, allowing for prompt resolution of any issues or malfunctions. Equipped with advanced capabilities, a robust design, and fitted with a multiple network SIM card covering O2, Vodafone and Three, the Lift EV8100 GSM voice gateway is a dependable and crucial safety solution for modern buildings.

Additionally, when paired with our "Proactive monitoring" solution, the EV8100 can monitor the SIP service and send alerts in case of issues, enhancing its proactive maintenance capabilities.

Battery Backup Included -The GSM gateway includes a battery backup that provides enough power to last for one hour on standby and a minimum of 15 minutes of talk time. Backup battery inside, comply with EN 81-28 and AS 1735 standards. However the bench tests have demonstrated over 3/4 hours of battery backup. 

BS EN 81-28 Lift Regulations & Standards
BS EN 81-28 Lift Regulations & Standards - EV8100 complies with the below regulations
✔ The alarm system shall provide the location of the lift to the rescue services even when testing, by P100 or CPC protocol (DTMF tones). caller ID or by recorded voice messages.
✔ The lift safety standards mandate states that emergency communications equipment must have sufficient power backup to last one hour of standby, with a minimum of 15 minutes of talk time.
✔ A test call must be made every three two Six months to ensure the lift alarm system is working properly.
  • 12 month contract
  • Existing Dialler can be retained
  • Includes Battery Backup
  • Compatible with existing diallers
  • Quick to install
  • 1000 UK landline calls*
  • 1000 UK mobile calls*
  • Includes Robustel Basic Monitor
  • 500/MB Data per month
  • Multi Network SIM
  • 24/7-SIM monitoring ∆
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • DTMF-2833, 2976, 2833 compliant.
  • Over 500/Mb - 10p per MB
Once the allotted minutes are exhausted, calls will be charged at the standard rate. The inclusive minutes for UK calls apply to major mobile networks such as O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, H3, EE, Three, and other providers falling under charge bands FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5, and FM6, regardless of the time.

Calls to other mobile networks are subject to different rates. Please be aware that calls to Lyca or Lebara mobiles, or any mobile virtual network operator not operating on the UK GSM cellular network, are not included. Calls exceeding the allotted UK standard mobile and landline minutes will be charged at 10p pm at all times. Over the allotted 500/MB of data 10p per MB will be charged. 500 Mb is regarded as being more than sufficient for normal usage of the RCMS monitoring system/s

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