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Emergency Lift Vodafone SIM Plan 2 - £11.65 /month (£13.98 inc VAT)

£ 43.20(£ 43.20)
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Emergency Lift Vodafone SIM Plan 2 - £11.65 /month (£13.98 inc VAT)

Emergency Lift Vodafone SIM only Plan 2 £11.65 /month - (£13.98 /month inc VAT

Before placing your Vodafone SIM order - Vodafone will begin retiring its 3G network in December 2023 - As part of the Vodafone network modernisation programme to improve the 4G and 5G experience, so Vodafone are rolling out a phased shutdown of their 3G network. The programme will see 3G coverage gradually phased out through 2023, with a complete close by December 2023. Please make sure that if you are having a GSM unit fitted you will need to make sure its 4 and 5G compatible, as this may cease working at some point in 2023.

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Our Vodafone mobile SIM only service for lift auto diallers means no complicated monthly billing or long contracts. With our SIM Plan 1 service the contract is just 30 days notice to cancel the service, with no disconnection fees to pay.

Unlimited UK minutes included per monthVodafone SIM for Lift Lines
No included data
Just £11.65 per month
Just a 30 day rolling contract
Once off SIM connection cost + PP £36.00

Estimated delivery date:  3-5 working days.

A direct debit link for the monthly line rental will be sent to you once your order has been received. SIM cards are sent blank, so once you have received your SIM please call us on 0330 122 0000 and we will activate* the SIM for you, this normally takes 2 working hours.

*Please note - Due to a significant increase in the amount of fraudulent activity across our base a full vetting process will need to be completed before onboarding any new customers. We will no longer post SIM's to home addresses.

All SIM's cards will only be delivered to the registered office location or to the lift provider's registered address (further checks will be made first). A full credit check is also performed before activation. Due to the volume of invoices we send each month we are unable to submit invoices to any type of invoicing platform that requires a login to do so.

All Lift SIM cards are barred for the following services. We place call barring on calling international, Adult & Premium Calls, Chat & Premium Calls, Mpay, as all MMS messages, All Incoming/Outgoing Roaming, Adult Premium, GPRS, All outbound SMS/Text 4/3G Services are also barred..

Openreach withdrawal of copper-based voice lines

The UK’s telephone network is changing after a century

As reported in the National Press and the BBC, Openreach is withdrawing ALL copper-based voice telephone lines from the UK’s network on December 31st 2025, as the network will reach its end of life.
Openreach has already switched off over 600+ exchanges where voice copper lines are no longer available, and this is increasing monthly with a further 1.4 million customers affected in October 2021, and from September 2023 Openreach will issue a national full "Stop Sell” of any new supply of voice copper-based telephone connections, including new line installations, changing of addresses, stopped line restarts and working line takeovers. Meaning some 47 million (Openreach data 2020) lines will need to migrate to a new internet voice-based service. ALL businesses and residential services ARE affected by this change.

After the 31st of December any customers still using copper-based lines for their telephone service, and in some cases existing broadband services, will find their service/s will no longer work. Customers that have not migrated their current telephone service to the new VoIP alternative service by this date will lose voice service, along with their telephone number.
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