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Low cost business VoIP Cloud IP PBX telephone systems

VoIP Cloud PBX Telephone systems

Our simple hosted Wholesale cloud business VoIP PBX telephone system provides advanced call function capabilities while allowing small business an affordable and configurable business VoIP telephone solution providing high quality, flexible VoIP solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

No Long-Term Contracts - Just 30 day contract

We believe the quality of our VoIP telephone system alone should be enough for you to keep customers coming back and as such, we don't tie you into long term contracts. Our VoIP telephone system is provided on a monthly rolling contract and can be cancelled with just 30 days' notice.

Superb Call Quality

We only select the most direct routes for our voice traffic to reach the PSTN network, therefore ensuring we op always offer the best quality whilst still being able to provide exceptionally low prices to our business and wholesale customers. All calls are billed per second, with no call connection charges.

IP PBX features as standard - No extra cost

Call Recording

Call Screening


On Hold Music

Call Reporting

Virtual Switchboard

Call Centre



Ring Groups

Intelligent Call Routing

Fully Branded Portal

Click to Call

Reception Panel

Call Queues

Time Conditions

Call Detail Statistics

Extension Summary

Call Center Queues

Active Calls

Simple wholeslae monthly price - with Free PBX branding


IP PBX setup

Per Extension cost (minimum 2)

PBX Server Hosting per month

PBX SIP Domain name

Call Recording 30 days storage

Call Recording 60 days storage









Once Off

Per month

Per month



Per month

Free PBX Business Branding

We can customize your PBX login screen match the look and feel of your company’s branding, so the PBX is instantly recognizable to your clients.

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Add 5000 UK Landline Minutes to your PBX - £7.50 per channel (min X2 channels)

Add 5000 UK Landline Minutes to your PBX

Our SIP 5000* trunking service provides free call termination to UK fixed destinations, including 01, 02 number ranges. In addition, SIP provides free calls between connected sites, including international locations.

All calls terminating from your PBX to a UK fixed geographic number (01 and 02), will be zero rated and no charge applied in the daily or monthly call data records.

This pricing will be subject to the following conditions, applied against the channels related to a SIP Trunk. The total number of calls per channel shall not exceed 5,000 minutes per month to 01/02 terminations. Should any SIP trunk exceed this amount in any month a per minute price for extra calls will apply. For example; 10 SIP channels will have an allowance of 10 x 5000 = 50,000/month to 01/02 codes. If that SIP trunk generated 50,001 minutes in a single month, then at 50,001 minutes we will change the UK per minute price for UK call for the remainder of the month. *Please note this service is only available when you take an IP telephone system from us. Excludes 01534 Jersey & 01481 Guernsey

Add a Cloud-based Campaign Dialling System to your PBX

Cloud-based Campaign Dialling System to your PBX

Our fully integrated in-browser phone means there's no need for expensive hardware costs or complicated integrations into existing systems. Instead, your agents can simply log in from anywhere in the world and begin making calls with the same low cost call rates, regardless of location.

We provide you the controls to fine tune your campaign and get the most out of your data. Powerful workflows enable you to manage the lifecycle of your leads, advanced dialling rules enable you to schedule your communication strategy and skill assignment ensures your agents are working where they're most effective.

Web Dialling

Manage Campaigns

Manage Workforce

Analytics / Reporting

Custom Report Builder

Realtime Views

Agent Monitoring

Dialling Rules

Lead Lifecycle

No Hardware Required

Configurable Caller ID

Full Call Recording

Present a different caller ID on a campaign-by-campaign basis. If you're performing a campaign on behalf of clients and don't want to deal with the inbound calls.

Port your business telephone number

Keeping your business number - Business number porting

Telephone number porting is the ability to change your service provider whilst keeping your telephone number. Switching phone providers to Simple Telecoms allows you to keep your existing number.

Number porting is a relatively straightforward process, but you do need to make sure all the steps are carried out properly, but of course, we'll work with you to make sure it all goes smoothly.