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Small business VoIP telephone service
Our small business VoIP Digital Voice telephone service is the closest alternative to a old copper telephone phone service for business customers who are using their own Fibre to the house (FTTH, FTTP) using providers like Gigaclear FTTP, Giganet FTTP, BT, Juice Broadband, KCOM, Vodafone FTTP, Sky FTTP and TalkTalk FTTP, as well as community WiFi based broadband services. We can move 99% of active telephone numbers from other providers, so you CAN keep your telephone number.
We are always ready to help and answer any questions regarding our services. We like to do things the old-fashioned way, so unlike our competitors, we do not simply ask our customers to blindly sign up to our services online. Instead, we offer a very personalized, efficient and friendly service that's tailor-made to meet your individual needs. We will always put the customer before profit. You are welcome to drop us your questions via email, or just ask us to call you back. 

Digital Voice only information

General Terms and conditions
All services are provided on a 30-day rolling contract, with no disconnection or termination cost. Please click the link below for our full terms and conditions. General Terms and Conditions
Addendum - Digital Voice (VoIP service)
Please click the link for our terms and conditions for VoIP lines (SoGEA/FTTP/FTTH) Addendum Terms and Conditions VoIP
Consumer Price Index Rate Increase
​As with all providers, if you sign up to a new contract or renew your contract for a telephone service (including call charges, features, add-ons, broadband, mobile and VoIP plans) the monthly price will increase each year from April 2023. That increase is based on the Consumer Price Index Rate of inflation which is published in January each year plus 3.9%
Credit Limit and Credit Check
When you apply for any telephone or Broadband service contract with us we will perform a hard credit check on the user and the address the service is being provided at. We may also credit check the bill payer if different to the user. This will involve a credit reference agency to confirm your identity/s. They'll also examine your financial records and borrowing history. Using this information provided by the credit-rating agency, which in our case is Creditsafe. We will then make a decision whether to accept you for the contract/service you’ve applied for. This decision is made solely by our credit-checking team based on the information from Creditsafe. A credit check is ONLY performed once a direct Debit has been set up with us, as this is regarded as an acceptance of our terms and conditions, and intent to apply for a service. If your credit rating prevents you from getting a contract from us we may offer a tailored solution for people with bad credit. If your application is accepted a credit limit will be placed on the account for any chargeable calls. This safeguards our customers from running up a large bill. If this credit limit is reached outbound calls will be barred other than 999 freephone and the NHS helplines. However, if you have a Care Alarm this may cease to operate if your credit limit is breached. Call spend Warnings can be set up within our online billing system, and we strongly recommend this is done. Please note. Any credit check performed be it on the end user and or the bill payer will show on your/their credit history.
Who is CreditSafe? - Creditsafe, are global intelligence experts, specialise in business and consumer credit checking, and is the world's most used provider of online credit reports. Your credit history is checked by CreditSafe. If you have any questions about your credit file you'll need to speak directly to CreditSafe.

Small Business Digital Voice Telephone Service only

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We will only contact you using the contact details you supply. We need the full phone number and address as we need to check what infrastructure exists before we know what work is needed, so we can't give you a price without this information. This quote is supplied without obligation. We won't pressure you to sign up with us.
Click here for our full General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Simple Telecommunications Ltd collects and acts as the data controller for information submitted by you through this website. It will be shared with appropriate Simple Telecommunications Ltd staff only, and used to contact you with information on Simple Telecommunications Ltd products and services if applicable. 

UK based customer services team. - We take the safety of our customers seriously
Working with Vulnerable People requires our customer services team to have an ongoing assessment that is essential for their employment of their eligibility to work with vulnerable persons. This involves a check of a person's national criminal history (including spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) and other disciplinary and police information. We are carry out screening to BS7858:2019 level, used in the security sector to see whether an employee could pose a risk to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people. Giving our customers the peace of mind that the people we are employing are trustworthy and can carry out the job with trust and integrity. On top of this we also pre employment Psychometrice Testing of each employee for personality, behavioral characteristics, attitude assessment, and vocabulary test.

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